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Q: What are LimitlessLED bulbs and where can i get them?
A: They are remote-controllable lightbulbs for most common sockets, which, depending on the bulb, can change colors and brightness.

Q: How does it work?
A: The light-bulbs have an rf-module that can receive 2.4GHz signals. Since your windows-mobile-device does not have an rf-emitter you connect a wifi-bridge to your home wifi and then have your phone send commands to the bridge, which will then forward those commands to the bulbs.

Q: Where can i buy them?
A: I ordered mine directly on There might be resellers.

Q: Which bulbs are supported?
A: Currently only RGBW bulbs are supported. If anyone has a different type of bulbs and is willing to test my app, please contact me and i will update either the app, or this info ;)

Q: I just want to use the app, how do i install it?
A: Hopefully as you are reading this, the app will have been certified for the windows store, so you can just look for it there and download it for free.

Q: So what is this project for, then?
A: I hope that it can make things easier for people who would like to use .Net to control their Limitless devices and serve as a sample of how to use my wrapper.

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